Every morning, the queen sat on her throne as soon as she woke up. “Let’s see what’s happening today”, she said, and in front of her stood up the emirs from every corner of the kingdom to inform about what had happened the day before.

They told her scary stories about starving children and fathers that couldn’t work to feed them; and the queen cried. They explained the never-ending discussions that took place within the wise men’s halls and that were never going to an end; and the queen yawned. They told of the deeds of common men who became heroes and martyrs fighting for noble causes in their lands; and the queen clapped. They recounted the hardships faced by the injured people who crossed the borders of the sieged kingdom from wars nearby; and the queen bled. They showed her the delicacies brought from outside the palace’s walls, from the kingdom’s valleys; and the queen spitted.

It could last all day long. After that, the queen had some rest, she retired to her room and then wandered around the palace’s halls, surrounded by the courtiers she trusted. “Do you know what happened yesterday?” They nodded. “I would like to taste this, and go to that place”, she said. “You should, your majesty, that’s delicious”, they replied, “and that place is really nice”.


One day, the queen decided to go across her lands, as she was fed up with her daily routine. “If you see the starving children, you will cry, my queen”. “If you ask the wise men, they won’t answer your questions”. “If you look for the heroes, they will bend their heads and hide from your majesty”. “If you attend the injured people, their blood will stain your dress”. “But you can taste our delicacies!”, and they pointed at table where all the delicacies from all over the kingdom were served in shinny silver salvers.

“No! Those are not the desires of your queen!” That day, the queen remained inside the palace’s walls, and tried to go out the day after. She insisted day after day. Jaded the courtiers just nodded without listening to the Queen’s demands, as they increased more and more.

Not having told anybody, her Majesty went out one morning. The emirs followed her, but they couldn’t stop her. The Queen walked through her kingdom’s streets, but little did she see. She saw a starving child who was given a delightful cookie by an emir; he offered it  to the queen. She smiled, as she was pleased. She talked to a wise man who put her off after being arguing with an emir, then, the wise man told her everything was good within her kingdom. The queen smiled, as she was proud. She found a man who was a hero, but that man dropped his sword and took his plough under one emir’s eyes, then, the man went down his knees and kissed the queen’s hand. The queen smiled, as she was honored. At last, she neared an injured man who was lying on the floor, but an emir run to take care of his wounds. The Queen smiled, as she felt merciful.

The Queen went back to her palace and noticed that there were delicacies made from honey, sesame and wine. She bolted them and got her strength back after her walk. The Queen smiled, as she felt satisfied, and she said to herself, “my kingdom is in peace”. And the starving children, the wise men, the heroes and the injured she forgot. And the Queen Beyrouth keep eating delicacies and wandering the corridors of her palace surrounded by people she trust and they all told her how wonderful her kingdom was. And she smiled. And her teeth were dirty with blood.




Acerca de ljvaro

Tengo escritos tantos primeros párrafos que me faltan historias para publicarlos.


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